16-25 Study Programme (SEND)

Expanse Learnings Launchpad 16-25 SEND Study Programmes offers individualized learning programmes for students across the Northwest from our centers based in Wigan and Leigh, We also offer places to learn in partnerships with our extended delivery partners in friendly and supportive environments to enable students to achieve their full potential nearer to home.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to learning makes a difference to the lives of our students. We aim to enable young adults to take responsibility for their own lives, in whichever form this takes. We encourage students to participate in exciting activities they’ve always wanted to try, realising their dreams in the safest way possible.

Expanse Learning offers individual provision within a personalised curriculum that has strong emphasis across all 4 elements of the Preparation for Adulthood framework. Launchpad also offers students the opportunity to work and learn within the community with local partnerships and employers including supported internships.


Learners at Expanse follow an individualised course based on their individual needs and preferences. Expanse Learning offers 4 main course areas. Information can be found in our prospectus or using the links below to a range of relevant and meaningful opportunities are offered to promote independence skills.

Expanse Learning uses its expertise around communication and promotion of person-thinking to support learners to express their views which are incorporated into their planning and help them to shape their own programmes.

All students have individual timetables that reflect activities to support the achievement of long term goals and their individual preferences. Some students have clear ideas about what they like to do, others need to explore options through first hand experience.

Multidisciplinary meetings provide regular liaison between residence and education. Individual tutorials, student diaries and weekly reviews enable the student, tutor, therapists, learning support assistant and the residential support workers monitor progress towards these targets. Students progress from the course to a range of options including supported living, personalised day services, further learning or supported work as appropriate to each persons needs and aspirations.