Expanse Learning is an autonomous Specialist Independent Provider that is independent of the local authority. It receives its funding directly from central Government and the Board of Directors are free to set its own educational strategy.

Expanse Learning are strong believers in that our Advisory Board, also known as the Expanse Governors Board make an invaluable contribution to the development of excellence in our organisations. As a member of the governing board, governors support the directors to set the mission and strategic direction of Expanse Learning, and scrutinise its performance.

What is governance?

There are many definitions of governance but it is generally accepted that the governance of an organisation is an activity distinct from, but complementary to, the management of that organisation. Two common definitions of governance that bring out this important distinction are ensuring that the organisation does the right things, for the right people, in the right way (governance ensures, management does), and steering not rowing.

There are 14 members of the Governors Board, with widely contrasting backgrounds and skills, drawn from different sectors of the community. These Governors generously give their free time to serve on the Governing Body. The Governors Board also includes a parent member, members of the staff and student’s representatives who, with the appropriate skills and competencies, provide the organisations with leadership and direction and work with the Senior Leadership Team to secure the best for Expanse Learning and its students.

Our Governors:

Expanse External Governors Board

Martin Budden

Clare Todd

Vanessa Greenwood

Christine Galligan

Maxine Foster

Julie Shawcross

Expanse Strategic Board  


Tony Brown

Richard King

Karl Wane

Senior Leaders and Managers

Alistair Atkinson

Deborah Woods

Scott Roberts

Lorraine Woosey

Anya Hopkinson

Steph Howard