Land Based Studies (Horticulture and Animal Care)

As a student of Land Based Studies you will initially take part in taught sessions in Animal Care and Horticulture & Conservation to allow you time to enhance and develop your skills and understanding of these vocational areas, before moving on to work experience placements.

Animal Care

In Animal Care you will learn how to look after small animals, including how to keep animals healthy, what sort of food they should be eating and how to house them.

Our animals require daily care and you will experience hands-on, practical learning.

Animals at Expanse Learning are:

  • Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Tortoises
  • Crested Geckos

Horticulture and Conservation

Horticulture and Conservation is a broad area of learning which includes propagating and caring for plants; maintaining glasshouses, grounds and gardens; recycling; creating wildlife habitats and learning woodland crafts. All taught sessions in these areas take place on-site at Expanse Learning at our Learning and Development Hub in Wigan, giving you a real insight into how to practically apply your skills.

In Land Based Studies you will work in areas where we welcome visitors to Expanse Learning Your work in the polytunnels will come into fruition as you talk to other students, staff and visitors and help them to choose and purchase stock for their gardens.  You will also be involved in and grow fruit and vegetables for use in the Expanse Learing food production areas where a range of products are produced ready for sale in the centre or at Wigan Market we attend.

Land Based Studies Curriculum Overview

As your land based skills continue to develop you will be able to undertake internal work experience placements which give you the opportunity to experience work in a familiar environment before you move on to an external placement. The Land Based Studies programme area has strong links with local businesses and as a result is able to offer external work experience placements which will boost your confidence in work and social situations.

Qualification & RARPA

Where appropriate you can gain accreditation from Preparing for Work at Entry levels to Level 1/2 in Retail or Business Administration Skills.  Qualifications include:

  • Edexcel BTEC EL3/ L1 Qualification from the skilled for life framework in (Land based Studies)
  • Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills Maths and English EL1/2/3 and L1

You will also be developing your communication, social, independence, reading, writing and numeracy skills within sessions and in discrete maths and English sessions if appropriate.