What's On?

What's On?

What are members are up to:

Many of the members of Launchpad Plus initially come to us with an idea of what they want to achieve. We encourage and allow our members to make informed lifestyle choices to help them lead a full and purposeful life within their communities, at home and through employment. Below, you can see some case studies of our members and their goals and success.


Advertising for a PA:

James, one of our Launchpad Plus member, has utilised a number of the skills he has been developing here to advertise for a P.A on the ‘Indeed’ website. This is an important step for James, as a suitable P.A will greatly enhance his levels of independence. James interviewed the PAs that applied himself to gauge if he thought their personalities were compatible.

We are very happy with James success in his search for a PA and proud that he took up this task himself.  James has shown that he is working towards his own achievable goals and his independent living for the future.  


Creating own website:

One of our members at Launchpad Plus, Joe, has a strong interest in media and technology and wants to set up a website to display his photography that he takes during the Launchpad Plus programme. Leonard Cheshire, a non-profit company that support individuals to live, learn and work as independently as they choose, whatever their ability, noted Joe’s passion and provided him with a Laptop to allow him to create the website he wants to promote his photographs.


Gym Sessions:

Some of our members stated to the team that they wanted to start to get fit and healthy and so, as a group, they decided to start to go to the gym one day a week at Leigh Sports Village. At the gym, the members are supported by personal trainers and are guided within their workouts. At Launchpad Plus we always promote a healthy lifestyle and, the members have taken this to the next level!