Occupational Therapy

For many of our students sensory processing difficulties present barriers to participation in activities, through sensory assessment, information form professional in the EHC and by embedding strategies and sensory diets into the personal programmes students are able to have active and purposeful contribution in their lives.

Support and provision includes:

  • Providing adapted equipment to enable increased levels of independence e.g. Slip mats, writing slopes and more
  • Assessing, monitoring and being responsive to sensory difficulties.
  • Implementing strategies with staff for enabling students to manage sensory difficulties
  • Providing advice and support in adapting activities for a variety of skill level e.g. using baking and photography as a way to explore the senses or develop independence skills.
  • Providing information, advice and guidance regarding environmental adaptations
  • Working holistically within team to ensure students are supported in all areas to achieve maximum levels of participation and engagement by supporting the activities which a person needs or wants to do in their everyday life
  • Self & Personal care, eating and drinking skills
  • Supported Workskills, work skills development and daily life skills
  • The Launchpad team works with Occupational Therapists from the NHS to assist students to participate effectively in all areas of everyday life.  They work within the Launchpad team and support and train staff to facilitate student involvement in all activities that are important to the student, including:
  • Having fun, feel-good factor and a sense of achievement in taking part in activities leads to developing new skills and putting them into use while developing positive self esteem
  • Physical wellbeing by increasing stamina may be achieved through taking part in an enjoyable activity such as our health walks, swimming and cookery or helping out at Club Atmosphere and social events.

Our team work with individuals and groups to develop skills and abilities including:

  • Sensory awareness and promoting sensory processing skills
  • Hand function
  • Ability to problem solving in daily life
  • Activities of daily living