All about you

Physiotherapy at Launchpad embeds the ethos of “all about you” approach to the health and well-being of our learners with complex needs helping them to access education, maximize their functional independence and fulfill their full physical potential.

External Physiotherapists work collaboratively with our support team, tutors, learning support officers. Some students may need regular and continuing input from a Physiotherapist while for others it may be appropriate for our teams and care services to deliver a physiotherapy programme under the guidance of the physiotherapist. Liaising with outside agencies including consultants, GPs, social workers and community therapists is also a significant part of their role.

Physiotherapy at Launchpad includes:

Individual therapy embedded into our programmes, including developmental rehabilitation, facilitation of normal movement, functional rehabilitation and strengthening and fitness training.

Specialist equipment provision, including standing aids, and specialist seating and walking aids. We supported external sessions and services by way of maintaining the programmes developed with Physiotherapists that include: Rebound therapy, Hydrotherapy, Orthotics ,Group therapy sessions, Adapted cycling at the centre and supporting students to access exercise and sporting opportunities.