Preparation for Adulthood Programme

At Expanse Learning our Preparation for Life and work programme builds upon the key elements of the PFA model. This programme creates effective, meaningful learning opportunities for young people to become more independent as they progress into adulthood.

Students develop their communication skills, increase their control over their environment, improve their social skills, community inclusiveness and learn effective and appropriate ways to express their aspirations.

Students are supported to develop strategies to support their understanding and their ability to express themselves. According to their individual needs, strategies may include:

  • Intensive interaction
  • Objects of reference
  • Photographs
  • Communication devices
  • Signing

Everyday Skills

Launchpad use a practical, hands-on approach to support students to learn essential daily living skills that facilitate their transition from college into the adult world. This includes communication strategies, personal and social skills, problem-solving and skills for independence (such as external leisure activities, cooking, shopping, managing relationships and domestic activities). The programme aims to support students to be able to use the skills learned at Expanse Learning in their personal lives, at home, other settings in the community and anywhere every they may need them.

Programme Aims

  • Increase the development of varied methods of communication, enabling students to interact with each other, peer groups and wider community outside Launchpad who are significant to them.
  • Support the development of  decision-making skills and an understanding of how to have a greater influence on their environments
  • Enable students to have greater access to increase their community inclusion, support emotional, social and cultural wellbeing engage to meet their sensory needs and develop self-regulation skills
  • Development of cognitive skills, such as memory and an awareness of cause and effect
  • Have fun in a safe, positive and interactive learning environment

Work Skills and Industry Experiences

All students are given the opportunity to participate in a range of vocational activities that have been differentiated to ensure that they are accessible and inclusive. We use a range a of creative methods that promotes students' enjoyment and fulfilment through participation, enquiry and experimentation, and provides opportunities for students to develop their cognitive skills, affective development, physical skills, personal and social competencies and their awareness of their cultural heritage, values and diversity.

When appropriate, students participate in supported industry tasters and employer visits to build upon their knowledge of the employment related skills and options.  Through our Vocational Subjects experiences for a student’s personal development as well as supporting them to consider supported work options where appropriate. For students looking to enter work, such placements can be key to developing work skills and demonstrating their ability for prospective employers.

Sensory Support

At Expanse Learning we understand that students with sensory processing difficulties may struggle to respond appropriately to changes within their own body or in their environment, to interact and to act upon the world around them. We provide an educational and therapeutic approach to support students in the following areas through our extensive Health and Care team:

  • Motor skills Attention
  • Cognitive skills Social skills
  • Self-stimulation
  • Functional behaviour