Sensory Diet

Sensory strategies and sensory diets will be embedded into the students programme to support any difficulties they may have in sensory processing.

At Expanse we believe that all achievements contribute to a sense of pride and increased self-esteem. We offer a range of sensory based activities of which can help to decrease self-engagement behaviours, promote communication and personal engagement, teach cause and effect, practice skills, make choices and enjoys the sessions and activities on offer.

Expanse centres can offers a totally flexible environment for learners which:

  • Allows freedom for learners to move in safely around the centre.
  • Builds confidence and motivation increasing learning potential.
  • Provides a world of sensory stimulation and enables assessment of sensory abilities by presenting one stimuli at one time and excluding unnecessary distractions.
  • Encourages relaxation in a calm and controlled atmosphere.
  • Gives the opportunity for those who are wheelchair bound to be out of their chairs and experience different positions.
  • Enables life skills to be developed through structured and educational programs using switch work to give control to the client.
  • Encourages communication skills and choice making.