Skilled For Life

Skilled for life is at the forefront of programmes offered at Expanse Learning. Skilled for Life allows us to deliver our range of programmes and more, with the flexibility to meet learners’ individual needs, ambitions and interests.

What is Skilled for Life?

At Expanse Learning we understanding the importance of offering learning programmes that meet the varying needs of our students. Many students presented with Vocational options are undecided on which pathway they wish to start their learning journey on as they progress into adulthood and the world of work.

Equality, some students may never have the opportunity to fulfil employment due to their individual needs. At expanse we aim to ensure that our programme are fully inclusive and accessible, for this we use the Skilled for Life framework.

Skilled for Life is an employability toolkit that helps learners to gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace or gain a greater knowledge of specific or general occupations and industries.

Based around 5 areas of learning, Skilled for Life consists of learning units and qualifications, online support tools and teaching resources which Expanse Learning create personalised programmes with students based on the learners’ individual needs.

Industry Knowledge

These sector-specific units range from 1 to 6 credits in size and cover a wide range of industries, including care, hospitality, media, animal care, horticulture and retail. Each unit introduces learners to one aspect of the sector.

English & Maths

These bite-sized units focus on the basic English and maths essential for working life. They include speaking and listening, handling data, reading and writing, calculations, using the internet and emailing.

Skills For Work

These units are designed to teach the skills needed to secure a job, such as writing a CV or preparing for interviews. They also develop the practical skills needed once at work, such as setting targets, teamwork and leadership.

Social & Personal Skills

These units explore the attitudes and behaviours needed to have professional and effective interactions at work. We’ve included new units on self-efficacy, as well as citizenship, personal identity and relationships.

Work Experience

These units focus on helping boost career prospects by giving the skills, knowledge and understanding that employers look for.

Unit and qualification certification are awarded

Learners who complete a Skilled for Life programme will receive unit certification. If an appropriate rule of combination has been made, then the learner will be credited with the qualification that has been achieved.