Launchpad SEND


At Expanse Learning our Work Experience programme is aimed at those who have had very little experience of work or employment or those who have progressed from the Workskills programme with an intention to move onto a supported internship.

It builds upon the key elements of the PFA model with a more weighted programme toward the development of Work skills through active off site work experience. This programme provides a variety of rich, meaningful learning opportunities. Students will learn new skills and build on their existing knowledge, become more independent, increase their confidence and apply these new skills in their lives after college.

Work Experiences and Offsite Industry Placements

Students explore a range of work options, including vocational tasters and offsite work experience. Following these taster sessions, students make informed choices about their preferred vocational areas. Staff work to ensure that students develop the necessary skills and experience and provide relevant offsite work placements, where appropriate. Some students will achieve an accredited Edexcel Qualification in Work skills from the Pearson skilled for life framework. Our Training and development Officers (job coach’s) work with students to develop job search skills and prepare CVs to aid their progression into supported employment.

Exploring wider Work related skills

Students studying on our Work Experience programmes will develop their understanding of mental and physical wellbeing, making healthy decisions, appropriate social interaction, expectations and responsibilities as adults, equality and diversity, having high expectations of themselves and of others, and an understanding of their rights.

Programme Aims

  • Promote and develop communication and social interaction skills
  • Develop and utilise independence skills
  • Develop skills in choice-making
  • Promote the importance of learner voice
  • Enable students to have a presence in and engage with their local community
  • Explore a range of work experience options and meaningful leisure activities
  • Develop self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop work skills and prepare for progression to supported employment and supported living

Everyday Skills

Launchpad use a practical, hands-on approach to support students to learn essential daily living skills that facilitate their transition from college into the adult world. Practical skills such as cooking, shopping and home management are vital opportunities to promote students' independence on a daily basis. With support from our staff, students learn about have to keeps safe in the community, and daily living skills to prepare them for adult life. Students supported and challenged. They learn skills for using public transport as part of our travel training programme, accessing places of interest and other community facilities and developing links to their local area.

Functional Skills

Students develop their functional communication, literacy, numeracy and ICT skills, and work to ensure that they are able to transfer this learning into a range of meaningful contexts. We encourage students to establish positive social interactions with their peers and to apply their functional skills as they develop independence

Sensory Support

At Expanse Learning we understand that students with sensory processing difficulties may struggle to respond appropriately to changes within their own body or in their environment, to interact and to act upon the world around them. We provide an educational and therapeutic approach to support students in the following areas through our extensive Health and Care team:

  • Motor skills Attention
  • Cognitive skills Social skills
  • Self-stimulation
  • Functional behaviour

Alongside the benefits for our students of Work Experience Placement and Supported Internships there are also many benefits for employers.

Business promotion

We like to show our appreciation through thanking our employers publicly. If you chose to pledge your support to Expanse Learning, you will be awarded our Appreciation Certification and we will also promote your business on our website and social media pages.


We match each student to specific job roles, the student selected for the role you offer would stay with your business for the full academic year, which is usually around 6-12 months.

Communication & Support

Training & Development Officers are available to stay on-site to ensure students are confident with their duties and to ensure no additional work or pressures is added to your staff.

Recent Employer Satisfaction Results

  • 100% of employers stated that Expanse Learning adds value to their organisation.
  • 95% of employers stated that they would recommend Expanse Learning to other organisations.
  • 100% of employers stated that Expanse Learning ensure that each student receives the correct level of personalised support through the delivery of systematic instruction.
  • 100% of employers stated that Expanse Learning works well with their organisation to ensure we offer meaningful work experience.

If you are an employer that is interested in offering a Work Experience Placement or Supported Internship to one of Expanse Learning’s students, then fill in the form below for more information.