Parents / Carers have a responsibility to contact Expanse on the first day of absence of any learner with an explanation and likely duration:

Absence Line: 01942 877715

Please ensure you notify Expanse of any changes to emergency contact numbers.

  • We make the decision to authorise absence. In certain cases medical evidence will be requested. Wherever possible please avoid medical / dental appointments during learning hours.
  • If NO message is received on day one of absence, our Learning Development Officer, Mrs J Prescott, will attempt to make contact with you. If we can not get hold of you we will endeavor to leave a message. It is imperative you contact us on day one with a reason for absence
  • If on Day 3 no contact has been made a welfare check will be undertaken by the Expanse.
  • Parents and Carers are notified of attendance regularly. i.e. progress review day, parents evening, and reports.
  • If attendance becomes a cause for concern, a letter will be posted to the home address. Parents / carers could be invited to an attendance meeting with our Head and Care and Curriculum Manager. A home visit could also be undertaken.
  • If you have any concerns regarding attendance please do not hesitate to make initial contact with Expanse on 01942 877715.

Attendance Measures Defined

100% OVER 3 TERMS – OUTSTANDING 100% – EXCELLENT 96 to 99.9% – GOOD 93 to 95.99% – ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT 90.01% to 92.99% – DANGER ZONE 90% and below – SERIOUS CAUSE FOR CONCERN