Health, Safety & Welfare

Expanse Learning regards the promotion of Health and Safety as a mutual objective for the Expanse Learning community including management, employees and learners and is committed to ensuring high standards of Health and Safety throughout the organisation.

It is the intention of the organisation to develop, maintain and implement required standards by continually reviewing its operations against developing legislation, codes of practice and other initiatives.

Expanse Learning recognises its responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation and is committed to the development, promotion and implementation of high standards to ensure a safe and healthy environment through the active engagement of all our stakeholders.

Expanse Learning believe in being a healthy organisation and senior managers embed the approaches that are appropriate for our provision. The model works at all levels from policy through to practice, acting both to promote current wellbeing and to safeguard learners’ future wellbeing through a variety of educational practices, which raise awareness of health issues within the communities we work within. Expanse learning will build on and embed strategies to maintain and extend the measures to ensure learner’s health and broader wellbeing.

On behalf of Expanse Group Ltd

Tony Brown

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