Information for Parents

Over the years Expanse Learning have supported hundreds of parents and carers.

We know that it can be a significantly emotional time for young people and parent/carers when they join Expanse. Supporting parent/carers to manage the transition to college helps students to settle in quickly.  You will have mixed emotions when your young person starts at Expanse. For example, you may feel apprehensive about your son or daughter becoming more independent, accessing a new mature setting, or adjusting to the differences between school and college structure. In addition, you may feel anxious that staff may be unable to understand the needs of your young person. You may also be feeling excited about what the future holds for your son or daughter. These are all perfectly understandable emotions. 


We have years of experience in supporting families during this transitional time in your family’s life. We will be there to offer support to you and your son or daughter at every stage. You’ll have lots of questions initially and we’ll do our best to answer them. 


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