School Curriculum

School Curriculum

Our students are central to all that we do. Expanse Learning believes that everyone, regardless of their current situation and starting point can achieve and make progress towards their goals and aspirations with the right package of education and care provision.

We promote the care of our students – setting, respecting and expecting high standards in all aspects of school life. We aim to meet the needs of our students, preparing them for adult and working life in the 21st century.

The vision for our school’s curriculum is to provide a fully inclusive curriculum that gives learners the opportunity to achieve their full potential by engineering a curriculum that best meets each learner’s diverse needs. Students access a broad and balanced education, based on the realities of modern life and delivered in a personalised learning environment.

Students are assessed on entering the school to determine which Pathway would best suit them and to enable individual needs to be met through an inclusive curriculum. Curriculum Pathways will allow learning journeys to start from individual pupils’ current strengths and needs. At this point, teachers and parents will decide which of the four curriculum pathways is most suitable for pupils; The Nurture Pathway, The Explore Pathway, The Inspire Pathway or The Engage Pathway. The curriculum selected will depend upon the pupil’s barriers to learning, their needs and long-term goals.

We avoid rigid placement within a Pathway and movement between pathways is possible following a re-evaluation of a pupil’s needs and progress. Each Curriculum Pathway is enriched through the Holistic Curriculum with intervention which may include therapeutic interventions, academic interventions, outside learning opportunities and mainstream opportunities or work experience.

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