School Ethos

Our mission

Our students are central to all that we do. Expanse Learning believes that everyone, regardless of their current situation and starting point can achieve and make progress towards their goals and aspirations with the right package of education and care provision.

To enable our students to develop we create a happy, safe and effective learning environment where everyone is valued. We aim to provide a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum. By this, we mean students will be introduced to a wide range of concepts, experiences, knowledge and skills at a level appropriate to each individual.

Inclusion at Expanse

All staff at Expanse are passionate about supporting young people & adults with Special Education Needs & Disabilities (SEND/SEMH) to achieve and progress.

It is our aim to:

Provide a safe and happy environment in which all students have the opportunity to develop personally, physically, socially, academically and spiritually alongside providing access to a relevant curriculum with a wide range of learning experiences to meet the different needs of individual students whilst offering equality of opportunity and high standards of teaching.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is built around the themes of linguistics; mathematics; scientific; technological; human & social, physical and the aesthetic & creative dimensions. Additional to this our Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education helps to develop students from a spiritual, moral, social and cultural context alongside improving behaviours, attitudes, attendance and engagement in learning.

Our collective Values

In our School we all...

  • Look after each other
  • Enjoy our school
  • Aim high
  • Respect one another, ourselves and our environment
  • Never stop learning

Our priorities

Ensure that the effectiveness of Leadership and Management, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, personal development, behaviour and welfare remain excellent which lead to excellent outcomes for students who attend our school.