Preparation for Life and Work Intermediate Pathway

The Preparation for Life and Work Intermediate pathway is tailored for young people with SEND.

The programme will provide students with the knowledge and an insight into the world of work, in addition to how they can live independently, access employment activities, manage and maintain their health and engage socially within their community. The aim of the programme is to utilise the students’ EHCP specific objectives by identifying realistic short, medium and long term accredited and none accredited personal success targets that are individual and reflect each student’s aspirations.


Pathway Aim

To develop students’ skills, knowledge, understanding and behaviours, whilst enhancing their confidence, to become increasingly independent in their adult lives.

To enable students to access their community, and those within it, in a safe and enjoyable manner, with a focus on personal growth and wellbeing, work skills and Functional Skills. 

Pathway Key Objectives

To develop students’ skills and understanding in areas such as: personal growth and well-being, healthy friendships and relationships, employability, and independent living.  Students will be given opportunities to develop employability skills, in readiness for their transition to the Employability Programme or Supported Internship.  Staff will support students to identify how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and applying this knowledge to their daily lives and activities.  Students will access their local community and will develop their understanding of how to feel safe and confident doing so. 

Key FS Delivery Method

Students will either attend discrete sessions with specialist Functional Skills tutors (delivered to other students of the same level) 1:1 sessions, or they will participate in non-accredited sessions, planned and supported by the Functional Skills tutors but delivered by the class team.

Pathway Transition Routes

Transition pathways for each student will be determined individually, via Annual Review, reflecting their levels of progress and learning. These could include further education via the Preparation for Life and Work programme, Employability pathway, Creative Industry Production pathway or a Supported Internship.

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